Over the hill Garlic

The last time I bought loose garlic (from a mostly produce store I shop at all the time) it was way past prime despite my search a promising head. I assume it is the time of year. I have never used them but I was wondering about the mesh sleeves of usually 3 heads. The heads are smaller but seem to look much better these days with everything about them looking tighter and fresher. Are they comparable to loose garlic?



Susan W. March 15, 2017
I buy the 3 bulb sleeves when I go to my favorite Asian store. They are always smaller, but plump and tight. I've never gotten one with the green germ which should always be removed.

I usually process and freeze it.

Here's my odd method. I toss all 3 bulbs into a large glass jar. I use a 1.5 liter Fido jar. Then you shake shake shake until they fall apart. You have to shake hard and longer than you want to. YMMV. It's a piece of cake to peel after that. I process it, put it into a plastic ziplock bag and flatten it. Pop it into your freezer and just break off what you need, when you need it. Here's a picture of my big jar. I use it for one bulb too.
creamtea March 15, 2017
I sometimes buy the sleeves of garlic. If it looks tighter and fresher chances are it is. If the germ is noticeable you can remove it with a small sharp knife. Mash with a pinch of salt for less "gamey" flavor.
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