What to make for dinner tonight?

I'm on my way to the grocery store. My husband has been away all week, and I'd like to make a nice dinner but I'm feeling uninspired. What should I make? A couple of things you need to know: no local farmers' markets yet, so I'm limited to grocery store produce. He doesn't eat: most cheese, pork, milk with meat, olives, capers, mustard, mayo, bivalves. Thanks, guys!

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • May 4, 2012


bigpan May 4, 2012
Put on a nice dress, make a reservation at your fab restaurant, go out, have a spectacular dessert at home.
drbabs May 4, 2012
Ordinarily, I'd agree with you, but my husband just came off a week of restaurant meals and we wanted to have dinner at home.
healthierkitchen May 4, 2012
So glad my recipe came in handy!! My husband was still out of town for dinner tonight, so my daughter and I had salads. Tomorrow will be the ramp carbonara semifinalist.
Ophelia May 4, 2012
Is the no milk and meat thing a taste preference or a religious thing? No pork and bivalves as well, and most cheeses have rennet (which I suppose is probably classified as meat).
Anyway, I was just wondering.
Usually I just make a big pot of chili when I'm at a loss for ideas. Or buy some chicken and make enchiladas (I can't have milk, so I usually use daiya (the only fake cheese I've found that melts properly)).
drbabs May 4, 2012
Re milk and meat: when he was growing up, it was a religion thing. Now it's an ingrained habit. Same with pork. He thinks strong cheeses taste like feet. And he's allergic to bivalves. But we had jambalaya! And it was great! Thanks, everyone!
beyondcelery May 4, 2012
DrBabs, sounds like our husbands have similar tastes, though mine is picky in different ways. No vinegar or anything that's touched vinegar. He has to leave the apartment if I can pickles! But anyway, jambalaya always works for him. So does roast chicken, steak, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes. And yes, he eats cereal for dinner if I don't make anything. That or he buys corn dogs, lol. Enjoy your dinner!
aargersi May 4, 2012
Oh dear Dr B, when you are here next we can feed those picky boys meat and taters and you and I can have the good stuff :-) Mr L would no WAY no HOW touch kimchi!!!
pierino May 4, 2012
Wow! That is one picky eater Dr. B! Maybe some Cheerios. But I'll go along with inpatskitchen, a roast chicken or fried chicken is hard to beat. My menu for tonight is Korean barbecue: flanken ribs, long green onions grilled, and kimchi. I'm guessing that the kimchi would be a hard sell.
drbabs May 4, 2012
he had cheerios last night when i worked late. :) Actually, i think he'd like kimchi.

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inpatskitchen May 4, 2012
How about a roast chicken? If he's been on the road all week he might appreciate something homey and comforting. Some mashed potatoes and gravy and a nice green salad makes my husband extremely happy!
drbabs May 4, 2012
That's actually what i was going to do till I decided on the jambalaya. Maybe tomorrow night! Thanks!
SKK May 4, 2012
Another stunning meal that takes less time to prepare that people love is http://food52.com/recipes/9151_tuna_noodle_casserole_redux
drbabs May 4, 2012
Thanks; I didn't go through the whole litany of things he won't eat or y'all would have quit before finishing the questions. No cream (or in this case milk) sauces. Thanks, though!
SKK May 4, 2012
Hi Drbabs, don't know what time you are planning on serving dinner but this might workd. dymnyno's Green Chili Chick Posole http://food52.com/recipes/13566_green_chili_chicken_posole_soup It is so amazingly good and refreshing. The only issue will be the Posole. In her recipe Mary says soak the posole for overnight to 3 hours. In a pinch you could use canned posole.
drbabs May 4, 2012
That sounds really good for another time. Thanks.
beyondcelery May 4, 2012
How about a jambalaya? You can do it with chicken or sausage or shrimp or all of the above. Serve it with a nice salad topped with avocado. Bananas dipped in brown sugar for dessert (or make plantain chips, if you can find plantains).
drbabs May 4, 2012
Yes!! I'm going to make healthierkitchen's brown rice jambalaya: http://food52.com/recipes/10517_brown_rice_jambalayaish. I tested that recipe when she posted it and we both loved it. And I have some andouille in the freezer. Perfect! Thanks!
Melusine May 4, 2012
Angel hair pasta with spinach (frozen is fine) mixed with a bit of heavy cream and roasted garlic, and oven roasted salmon filet. Break up the filet. Grate some Parmesan over the top. Or pine nuts. Or both.

My current favorite way to do the salmon -- heat the oven to 500 degrees. Heat a small baking sheet. Pat the filets dry, spray lightly with olive oil, and season with coarse salt and pepper. Pull out the hot pan, spread some oil on it, place the filets and put the pan back in the oven. Immediately turn the heat down to 220-ish. I found that eight minutes is a good time frame, if the filets are right out of the fridge. Brine 'em a bit, if you have the time. Easier than salt-grilled, and almost as soft.
drbabs May 4, 2012
Great idea! (Except for the parmesan.) I don't think I can get good salmon where I'm going but I'll consider this for next week--thanks!
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