Pulled Pork

I promised my husband I'd make tamales tonight which requires pulled pork. I forgot to get a pork roast at the grocery store... I have a "family pack" of about 3lbs of pork loin chops, could I use that instead? How much would it change the cooktime? Thanks!



boulangere March 10, 2011
JessieLK, there was a good discussion of cuts for braising a few days ago at http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/4004-i-am-making-beef-bourguignon-for-the-first-time-i-was-offered-steer-tenderloin-meat-for-the-stew#pickle-answers
It pertained to beef, but the discussion of beef tenderloin compares very well to your pork chops.
usuba D. March 10, 2011
Look for carnitas in TJs or any store that may sell Hispanic foods . . or you can cook your own. Take a piece of pork, cut into 1 to 1 1/2 cubes and slow cook in the oven in a fraction of the time compared to a whole joint. You can then treat it like pork BBQ.
Helen's A. March 10, 2011
Please post the recipe! I would love to try it.
JessieLK March 10, 2011
I don't really bbq it Hellon. I usually just marinate it for a day then bake it low for about 13 hours. It completely slipped my mind today. Thanks for the sugg. on the bbq place. I ended up just picking some up.
Peanut March 10, 2011
My husband picked up a package of pulled pork from the prepared foods section of Whole Foods over the weekend, and it was surprisingly good (and humanely raised).
Helen's A. March 10, 2011
Do you have a BBQ joint near you? You could pick up a pint to use in your recipe. Unless you have a smoker and about 18 hours you won't have real pulled pork anyways. You cannot barbecue in a crock pot...
JessieLK March 10, 2011
boulangere March 10, 2011
I've had pulled pork made from pork loin, and it really isn't very good. hla is right; you need a good, inexpensive cut like a shoulder or short ribs. The latter will braise up much faster if you're in a hurry. Save those lovely chops for another time.
hardlikearmour March 10, 2011
I wouldn't sub pork loin chops. You want a nice fatty cut of meat, like a shoulder to get pulled pork.
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