BRrrrrrrrrrrrr!It's cold in the Tropic!

It's autumn in BRazil,I'm on a diet,and for dinner I'm allowed a low carb salad and some protein,but it's cold and I was thinking about a warm salad-contradition!Warm salad,cold tropic...any suggestions?AND,just for fun:can you think of any other contradictory dishes?



petitbleu May 5, 2012
I agree with Benny on this one. I often make warm roasted veggie salads with a simple vinaigrette. On top of some lettuce and with a little goat or feta cheese, it's sublime. You can also do a grain salad--take wheat berries, brown rice, or even quinoa and combine with vinaigrette, feta, panfried tofu or tempeh (or chicken), some dried fruit chopped up, and you're good to go. It's delicious and filling.
Benny May 4, 2012
If you want a warm salad, there's nothing wrong with an assortment of roasted or grilled veggies tossed in a simple vinaigrette.
susan G. May 4, 2012
In a Japanese restaurant, they call that Tempura Ice Cream. It's pretty amazing, but I won't make a habit of it.
Ophelia May 4, 2012
You could make fried iceberg lettuce with a ground meat or some tofu, I flavor mine with soy sauce, fish sauce and a little sesame oil. Also warm wilted spinach salads are delicious with a couple eggs.

Baked Alaska?
mensaque May 4, 2012
Good one!Thanks Ophelia!I once saw someone do fried ice cream on TV,an ice cream scoop,coated on beaten eggs and then corn flakes,put on the freezer and deep fried.And it looked amazing!
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