I'm serving a moroccan chicken salad for lunch but not sure what to add for sides. Would it be weird to serve warm sides like roasted sweet potatoes?

I'd like to have at least a least one side and a salad. Plus a vehicle for the chicken salad?

Madeline Gray


creamtea April 4, 2018
I don't think it's weird at all. I like serving some things at room temp and some things hot.
Scott April 4, 2018
I also don't see a problem. That temperature difference can enhance a meal.
Nancy April 3, 2018
Do I understand correctly that you want to serve
▪ Moroccan chicken salad
▪ Side salad (green veg or lettuce)
▪ Second side dish
▪ Vehicle for the chicken salad (bread?)
If you make the sweet potatoes as the second side dish, you'll gave a nicely balanced meal...protein, green and orange veg, carb.
Serve potatoes any temp you prefer, but warm or hot will give more flavor.
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