Asian Cooking Pork Substitute

Menu Item: Shrimp Dumplings. : what can I use to replace the pork to come close to the richness it provides? Not trying to replicate the flavor.



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healthierkitchen May 10, 2012
I used ground chicken thighs in mapo tofu and it was great. The thighs are much moister than the breasts.
passifloraedulis May 10, 2012
I also use ground chicken thighs as a ground pork replacement for dumplings.
passifloraedulis May 10, 2012
Ground chicken thighs have just enough fat to keep things moist. My mom uses this too.
vanbinh May 10, 2012
Ground veal, or beef. Lamb will be overpowering for the shrimp, and chicken is too lean.
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