Can anyone suggest a recipe for an Asian-flavored aspic or jellied salad to accompany a pork dish?

I'd like to combine lemongrass, lime (juice and/or zest), mint, basil flavors with some fruit—mango, melon, grapes?—for a cool side dish to accompany a Chinese-flavored noodle and vegetable salad with grilled pork tenderloin. Can't find any recipe but the combination seems to make sense. Thank you!

Island guy


Island G. August 13, 2011
Many thanks, CookOnTheFly. This looks like it might work!
CookOnTheFly August 13, 2011
The Times ran this recipe last year - I haven't tried it. You can buy the ready-made acorn flour at Korean markets in Queens. Look on line for recipies for 'Dotorimuk'
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