Hot Dogs!

Have an idea for a BBQ party with friends and family this summer, just wondering what kind of interesting/unique/bizarre hot dog toppings everyone has done or tried?



sfmiller May 11, 2012
The Sonoran hot dog of southern Arizona and northern Mexico is awfully good. Bacon wrapped weiner on a bollito with refried beans, guacamole, crema (or sometimes mayo), and whatever salsas and pickles you like among what the vendor has on hand. Kind of like the love child of a hot dog and a torta.
Sam1148 May 10, 2012
If you can find them. Toufayan Brand "Snuggles" hot dog buns are great.
They're U shaped and rather sturdy and taste a bit like a Hawaiian bread.
Some stores don't have them where they stock buns, but rather in the bakery near the pita bread..sometimes you have to request them to stock and they'll keep them in the freezer for requests.

pierino May 11, 2012
Actually these would work great for a lobster roll.
ATG117 May 10, 2012
In my pre-vegetarian days, I loved a slightly sweet coleslaw on my hotdogs.
petitbleu May 10, 2012
The Chicago dog is a fine dog. You can also top them with Cincinnati chili for a meaty extravaganza. I usually go back to the reuben dog, though--sauerkraut, mustard (if you're feeling fancy, make a Russian dressing), caraway seeds.
pierino May 10, 2012
In cincinnati they put chili on macaroni, now that is just depraved. ;-)
amysarah May 10, 2012
Actually, in Cinci they put it on spaghetti...if they put it on spaghetti with cheese, it's a '3-way' (ahem.) Oh, and if they put chili on a hot dog, it's called a Coney...
fernetaboutit May 10, 2012
Seattle style- with cream cheese!!
pierino May 10, 2012
I'm back. I do love hot dogs. Another twist would be the kimchi dog. I am from LA after all.
pierino May 10, 2012
Excuse me BUT, there is no better hot dog on earth than the Chicago style, dragged through the garden. Requirements: an all beef dog in a natural casing, ball park mustard, bright green relish, [don't stop here], pickle or fresh cucumber slices, celery salt is essential, sport peppers which you may have to import from Chicago but you can sub with pepperoncino if need be. In Chicago this would be served on a poppy seed bun. End of discussion.
pierino May 10, 2012
oh, and on the Chicago dog, ketchup is absolutely forbidden.
Midge May 10, 2012
I second hla. Those yum dogs are amazing!
hardlikearmour May 10, 2012
Try vvvanessa's Yum Dogs! They're wrapped in bacon and accompanied by a spicy bean sprout slaw:
Pegeen May 10, 2012
For the dogs: delicious recipe from Thirschfeld for French Poodles (corn dogs)
Scroll down below the recipe to the Comments section for reader's good ideas.

For condiments: recommend Sweet & Savory Tomato Jam by Jennifer Perillo.
It's not "unique or bizarre," but definitely an addictive replacement to ketchup.
Some might disagree, but you can cook this up perfectly well using canned whole tomatoes, drained of sauce (Hunt's plum or Muir Glen organic), since garden tomatoes aren't available yet.

Am thinking anything with mustard, pickled veggies would also be great. Or an Asian sweet-sour slaw that could be lobbed into a hot dog bun.

Benny May 10, 2012
Try Caramelized onions or onion marmalade or chutney. I like to do a small dice of cucumber salad sometimes. I've even wrapped them in bacon.
inpatskitchen May 10, 2012
You can do a recipe search on this site for "hot dogs" and find a number of unusual toppings.
RellaBellaK May 10, 2012
I made a delicious sweet and spicy red pepper jelly which sounds kinda weird but it was AMAZING with the saltiness of the hot dogs
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