Looking for a Recipe For a Fluffy Cheese Sauce.

Years ago a very popular hot dog shop near where I lived made a cheese sauce topping that seemed to have a fluffy like consistency more so than a creamy consistency. It was wonderful! I have searched online to try and find a recipe that would be similar but results were given for creamy sauces only. Is it possible to make a cheese (cheddar) sauce fluffy?

  • Posted by: deekay
  • October 31, 2020


HalfPint November 2, 2020
Could it have been a whipped cream cheese?
Lori T. October 31, 2020
Fluffy sauces are that way because a lot of air has been introduced into the mixture, and are being held in by some means. Something has to coat an air bubble and hold it so it gets stuck and can't escape the mixture. It's done in bread by the gluten chains, in meringues by the egg white proteins. In the case of a cheese sauce, you have fat to do the trapping, and you just need to introduce a LOT of air by whipping the daylights out of your sauce. That will make a foam of sorts. How long it lasts is anyone's guess, though. Making a stable foam that lasts will require you to dive into the world of molecular gastronomy and the various products you can use to create a stable foam with a food that doesn't naturally form one. There may actually already be a recipe developed to make cheese foam, or you may have to experiment. Though at least, hopefully, failures would be edible, if not fluffy.
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