My sons are coming over this weekend and specifically asked for fresh pork neck bones. I haven't made them in ages and need to know how much to buy.

There will be 6 adults eating them and I'm also preparing pinto beans, rice, cornbread and an apple cobbler cake. Please help!

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Elaine Tanner


Elaine T. July 15, 2016
Your farmer's market or local butcher can probably take care of you. Our outdoor market is HUGE and there are several butchers/shops that sell pork neck bones, fresh & smoked. They're priced reasonably and like I said they'll cut them to order. I've purchase really large pork neck bones and had the butcher cut them into maybe 2 pieces. They look very inviting on the grill! lol Good luck. Hope you find some whoppers.
Elaine T. July 15, 2016
Mine are large like this. The butcher cuts them up into 3 pieces or whatever I ask for.
Susan W. July 15, 2016
Yes, much meatier. I'm going to check with my farmer or the farmers market.
Elaine T. July 15, 2016
I'm going to our outdoor market first thing in the morning. Their neck bones are really meaty (I've cooked them on the grill) and they run about .69 or so a lb. You can pick out a few very large whole neck bones and they'll chop them up for you into manageable (still nice-size) pieces. I've decided to buy about 12 lbs because as CV mentioned they do freeze well and we'll make sandwiches with any left over.
Susan W. July 15, 2016
Mine look similar to this. I use them to make a ramen type soup on this site. They have a little more meat than these, but not by a lot.
Susan W. July 15, 2016
You two must have access to much meatier pork neck bones. If I bought a one lb. neck bone, it would yield about 3 ounces of meat. I've bought them from 3 different sources.
702551 July 15, 2016
I would aim for one pound per person (weight before cooking). Generally speaking cooked pork makes good leftovers and freezes well, no harm if you have extra.
Elaine T. July 15, 2016
Thank you! Like I said, I haven't made them in ages. My mom used to make them for them all the time. I was thinking about buying 8 lbs so I think I'll stick with that. I do remember that the leftovers made awesome sandwiches once you pull that meat off the bone. Thanks again!
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