ISO Apple Caka Recipe

I'm trying to replicate my grandmother's apple cake. It was very flat, baked in a 8"x8" pan,. There was a thin layer of a cake-y crust with a filling of a thick apple "paste": with a top layer of the same cake-y crust.. I had a friend who was raised in Austria and made an almost identical cake but sadly she's gone as well. I am positive there were no dairy ingredients - she probably use shortening (anyone remember Spry?) for the fat and orange juice for the liquid. If anyone had a Jewish bubbe from Eastern Europe maybe you have a recipe like this? Thanks



drbabs May 12, 2012
Here it is--I found it on a blog:
drbabs May 12, 2012
I know exactly where to find this recipe, but I have the book at home. it's in the book Miriam's kitchen, a book about a young Jewish woman who got to know her mother in law through sharing cooking. I'll look it up for you later today.
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