Beef Round for Beef Stroganoff?

I have a first cut top round roast. Can I cut it up to use for beef strog.? What size pieces, and braise for how long? Thanks!



ATL May 18, 2012
Whoops--typo above. Keep warm, not jeep warm!
ATL May 18, 2012
I actually use beef tenderloin, sliced very thin, cooked quickly in some butter. Lift it out and jeep warm on a plate while cooking the mushrooms, onions, etc. and finishing with beef broth and sour cream, thickened with a roux if necessary. Delicious.
bigpan May 18, 2012
I always use new York strip. Regardless what recipe you use, good tasting meat is good tasting.
I like to cut a dill pickle into julienne strips and add at the last minute - as taught to me by my Ukrainian relatives.
bugbitten May 18, 2012
Dunno all the particulars but I think the classic is chuck, not round, even though round might do.
punkinpie May 18, 2012
Thanks Susan, That's about what I did, adding sour cream, off heat at end....................... not bad. The roast needed to be used up, and some bunny (DH) needed comfort food. :)
Susan B. May 18, 2012
Stroganoff is generally a quicker-cooked dish with a more tender cut of beef. If you use the round, you might need to re-engineer the method a bit, searing and braising the beef first, then going back to create the sauce and finish the dish after the beef is tender. The beef is classically cut into strips (1/2" x 2"). If you seared in an oven proof pan then covered with beef broth and transferred to a 250F oven for about an hour, I think you'd be all set to then use the simmered broth with sour cream/creme fraiche et al to create the sauce. This recipe is closest to what I normally do. Hope this helps!
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