Braising a Roast Beef

I made a roast beef the other night that was flavorful, but a bit hard. Would I be able to throw it in a Dutch oven with stock to braise it further and use it as shredded beef for a different meal?

  • Posted by: Jr0717
  • March 5, 2015


nancy E. March 10, 2015
Braising lean meat is never a good idea. It will wind up with the consistency of sawdust. Especially if it has already been roasted. I would not advise you do that
amysarah March 9, 2015
If it's a lean cut of beef - which given the texture, sounds possible - you might want to brown some bacon, pancetta or such before adding the meat and stock. A good braise benefits from a little fat.
Jr0717 March 10, 2015
I used some leftover bacon to start the braising liquid, and braised covered, in chunks, as per Nancy's suggestion above. We had the shredded beef this evening for dinner as a french dip, and it was delicious! The bacon gave the liquid a wonderful flavor, and the dish really worked well. Thanks!
Nancy March 9, 2015
Can't see why not. For best flavor, use beef or veal stock (which after use in braising may be converted to gravy or soup), and herbs/spices (if any) similar to what you used in roasting. Cut in slices or chunks before braising for more flavor & quicker results. Braise covered.
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