I'm making key lime meringue cake and would like to serve homemade ice cream with it. Thoughts on a good ice cream flavor to compliment the



threefresheggs June 25, 2012
Creme Fraiche!!
ATG117 June 16, 2012
I'd echo the coconut and ginger. I was also thinking a vanilla with orange zest might be nice if not too citrusy.
Peter May 22, 2012
Assuming there's no graham in the cake, graham cracker ice cream. It's like a deconstructed key lime pie. :-)
TheFritschKitchen May 22, 2012
Black Cherry. Result could be like a yummy cherry limeade???
Shuna L. May 22, 2012
Ginger, Cardamon, Caraway, Coconut infused with tropical herbs such as lemongrass &/or kaffir lime &/or coriander etc. Also, considering the "heft" of a curd based pie you may want to consider sherbert: it's just juice & dairy with sugar to taste...so you could do lemon or lime with cream or buttermilk-- then you would have a refreshing frozen concoction with your pie. If you wanted to make a ginger-lime sherbert you could make a ginger simple syrup and sweeten with a flavored sugar. I also like to infuse sugar with lime zest by "spinning" both in the food processor for a minute or two, (but I pass it through a fine meshed sieve). Have as much fun as you want!
LLStone May 21, 2012
It may be a lot of lime, but Merrill's lime ice cream is really good. I made it at least 3 times last summer.


Really good and refreshing.
susan G. May 21, 2012
I keep thinking "Chocolate." You'd want a balance so it wouldn't overpower the lime.
beyondcelery May 21, 2012
How about rum?
bigpan May 21, 2012
Vanilla will go with any flavor.

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hardlikearmour May 21, 2012
Coconut or mango would be nice.
zenith5 June 25, 2012
Thanks for your suggestion. I found a coconut ice cream recipe on food network's website and it was a huge hit!
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