Milk used instead of greek yogurt, can this be fixed?

My son is making a key lime pie. He misunderstood the ingredients and added 1 cup of milk instead of 1 cup of greek yogurt to the filling. He spent over an hour juicing the tiny key limes, is there a way to thicken this filling up and use it or is there no hope for it as a pie filling now? Perhaps it could be repurposed into ice cream or something? (Recipe link:

  • Posted by: allyall
  • March 14, 2022


allyall March 16, 2022
After letting it sit for about an hour, the milk had curdled enough that we baked it and it did set up. Flavor of milk though instead of the tang of yogurt. Thanks for the ideas.
drbabs March 15, 2022
Layer it with cookies and turn it into a parfait. Or use ritz crackers and turn it into an ice box pie.
Nancy March 14, 2022
Maybe make a key lime tiramisu..
Use tequila or some other compatible liqueur instead of the vanilla and coffee, pour over a plain cake or cookies, chill, top with whipped cream.
Nancy March 14, 2022
Or top with mascarpone, instead of the whipped cream.
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