Re-freezing Puff Pastry

Is it ok to thaw puff pastry, make something with it, then refreeze the pastries? I am thinking of making sausage rolls, and it would be great to get ahead.



boulangere May 22, 2012
Definitely. Work quickly, though, and don't let the dough come to room temp. Begin rolling it when it is still on the cool side. If it gets too close to room temperature for too long, the butter begins to soften and water leaches out of it into the pastry. Since puff pastry is entirely steam leavened, you want to keep as much water bound up in the fat as possible so you get that great puff in the oven. Too, water leaching into the pastry toughens it. That said, your sausage rolls sound fantastic! Please post a photo!
meulenbeld May 22, 2012
I myself have never tried this, but theoretically it should be possible.
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