Best way to make fruit filled puff pastry in advance?

I’m making peach rosettes for a friends birthday Friday. You layer thin slices of peaches on strips of puff pastry, then roll it up so it resembles a rose. Since I’m going right after work and can’t prep and bake then, which of these would make for the best option?
A: prep and bake that morning and store at room temperature. (I’m worried the pastry will get soggy).
B. Prep the day before, freeze, and then bake them just before I go. I will have time for this.
C. A better option I haven’t thought of...

  • Posted by: JJ
  • August 22, 2018


JJ August 23, 2018
Thank you Nancy! I can actually thaw them before baking because I work from home. I won’t have time to do any prep, but I can definitely take them out to thaw. Would you recommend this too? Or just stick with adjusting the time/temp?
Nancy August 23, 2018
I slightly favor baking direct from freezer bc your pastries will hold their shape better that way.
On the other hand, if you thaw and bake them in muffin or cupcake pan (to help hold up the sides) that would probably work too.
Smaug August 22, 2018
I'd go for freezing them- puff pastry freezes a lot better than it keeps once baked. I'm a little curious as to how these are formed- didn't quite get it from your description.
JJ August 22, 2018
This is the recipe I’m using:

Now I have a new problem. I froze them and baked one to test. It looked great but the puff pastry was raw in the middle. I baked in a convection oven at 375 for 30 minutes. Should I defrost first? Adust the time/temp?
Nancy August 23, 2018
JJ - they look beautiful.
Didn't sound like you had time to thaw them after work.
In your place I would just bake them a few more minutes.
Check for browning on the bottom and if you see it, either reduce temp or test for doneness.
Also, not exactly on topic, here's some general reassurance from Cook's Illustrated on using thawed & refrozen puff pastry dough.
Smaug August 23, 2018
That's pretty cute, I'm tempted to give it a try. I got somewhat addicted to Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers years ago in college- still eat them once in a while. To cook them (not thawed) the oven is preheated to 475; when the turnovers are put in the oven, the temp. is dropped to 400 and they bake for about 25 min. I've used a similar procedure for things I've made and it works well; I'd guess that your pastries will cook a bit faster because of their open nature.
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