I am interested in purchasing new non-stick cookware and what is the best set with the safest non-stick interior that will last?

I'm thinking of the "earth pan scan pan " types with a ceramic interior



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Most non-stick pans are only good for a year or two at the most, even with the most gentle handling. Cook's Illustrated strongly preferred the T-Fal Professional Total Non-Stick Fry Pan. The 12.5" retails for $39.99, and outperformed their previous favorite, the All-Clad, which goes for $160.
MicronCat May 27, 2012
I like Cook's Essentials, from QVC. Yeah, I know, QVC, but my mother gave me a full set more than 10 years ago, and when I finally decided they needed replacing, QVC replaced without quibble, because they have a lifetime warranty. Good, heavy bottoms, well-fitting lids, and nonstick excellence.
Elaine R. May 27, 2012
Get scan pans. Very durable - long lasting. Pricey but worth it.
SKK May 26, 2012
There have been several questions asked about this at Food52 with some very useful answers. Here is the link. http://food52.com/hotline/search?q=non-stick+cookware
kbckitchen May 26, 2012
Check out wull brand. I think it's wonderful though pricey
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