What is the best non stick pan to cook eggs that is also non-toxic?



702551 September 5, 2021
I use a cast iron skillet. You could use carbon steel but there will be scant difference. (I own three pans in each material.)
drbabs September 5, 2021
I started buying Scanpan non-stick pans last year, and I am totally in love with them. They don't scratch easily, and there are no toxic chemicals in the coating. They clean up like a dream. They're pricey, but to me, totally worth it. https://www.scanpan.com/scanpan-story
AntoniaJames September 5, 2021
What specific toxicity issues are you concerned about, Harry?

If you are willing to use a little oil or butter when cooking, a well seasoned carbon steel pan, or a well seasoned cast iron pan works just as well as a coated non-stick pan. ;o)
Harrybakes September 5, 2021
Thx for your response. Teflon non-stick pans apparently release toxic chemical compounds and the new non-stick pan claims are confusing to decipher. I use a cast iron pan for most stove top cooking but have not had good luck with cooking eggs (which I prefer to cook at a medium temp) using a cast iron and/or a cast iron ceramic coated pan. I do use a liberal amount of oil but it ends up being absorbed and then sticking. Maybe I have to increase the heat to avoid sticking and compromise with a tough egg🤣 I haven’t tried a carbon steel pan - are there any advantages to using that as opposed to cast iron?
Nancy September 5, 2021
Maybe use for the eggs a cast iron or carbon steel fry pan smaller than the everyday 10 or 12" workhorses.
The big ones take longer to heat up and may overcook your eggs.
I often use a 6" diameter pan for small tasks, including eggs, and it works beautifully.
MMH September 5, 2021
I cook eggs low & slow - stirring almost constantly in a nonstick pan. The eggs will be creamier that way & the protein will not be overcooked. I use a small pan as 2 eggs will just cover the pan.
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