Baked my tart shell and it split in half!

Help! I baked a tart shell and when moving it to the round, it broke in half. It hasn't been filled yet. Is there any easy way to make sure that it stays together before I fill it with cream and top with fruit? I am worried the cream will seep. Thank you!

Valerie in Maryland


SeaJambon May 27, 2012
Another option -- cover the bottom with chocolate chips, heat in microwave just long enough for the chips to soften and become spreadable. Spread so there is a thin chocolate layer on the bottom of the crust, and fill as you would otherwise. FWIW: this is what I do "normally" with a cream/fruit tart top, as a moisture barrier to keep the crust from becoming a soggy mess.
ATG117 May 26, 2012
I'm not sure what kind of cream you are filling it with, but I'm thinking that maybe you can first put down a layer of mascarpone to serve as a barrier between the more liquidy cream and the tart shell. If it was a banana cream pie, I'd suggest a layer of PB. What kind of filling are we talking about. On the other hand, it may not leak. I'd say, fill as close to serving as possible in order to minimize what leakage there may be.
mensaque May 26, 2012
I would put it back on the baking dish and use a beaten egg to glue it back together.Just a few minutes in the oven should do it.
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