Lady Peas

We are having some friends over for a BBQ. The main course is pork shoulder that has been on the smoker since about 5am. Do you think serving lady peas would go well or would the delicate flavor be over-powered by the BBQ?

David Mekeel


MicronCat May 27, 2012
Hey David,

I think you'll be fine with the lady peas - maybe consider making them into a cold salad to offset the heat of BBQ sauce. :)

Lady pease are a cousin of purple hull peas and other field peas, and now I'm wishing I had planted some...
kbckitchen May 27, 2012
I think lady peas would be delicious with the pork. And yes lady peas are a field pea. Definitely southern.
ChefOno May 27, 2012

One of the things I like about this site is being exposed to foods I've never heard of. Too bad I can't taste all of them! Could someone please tell me what lady peas are? Let me guess: It's a Southern thing?

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