New Instant Pot - I want to make split peas soup tonight

My Instant Pot arrived this week. I usually use a stovetop pressure cooker, but I keep getting interrupted, so I thought it would be safe to have something that turned off automatically. I'll do the test cook this morning, but I have dreams of having split peas soup for dinner tonight. I have the smoked (cured, smoked and cooked to 140F prior to freezing) pork hock, a kilo of peas, and some veggies that need using up. Everything I need to make split peas soup. (the family call it peas with an 's' because they come from a region which still used a lot of middle English idioms - I keep the tradition)

The split peas soup my mother used to make takes three days on the stove or all day with the stovetop pressure cooker. I'm wondering if I can make it go faster with this instant pot?
- Is it possible to make the broth at the same time as cooking the peas? When I look online, this seems to be what people are doing. But the key to the family recipe is to have a very strong broth so I'm suspicious of this.
- How much water for 1 kilo of split peas? What setting?
I understand this cooks at a lower psi than my stovetop and takes longer to 'natural release' so my timing is going to be very different. Not that I can find where I wrote down my regular timing, so I basically need a gernal outline that I can fill in my regular ingredients.



trampledbygeese July 11, 2019
Well, the broth is done. I'm still having trouble figuring out the ratio of liquid to spilt peas.

Does 2 cups peas per 6 cups broth seem right to you ?
trampledbygeese July 11, 2019
yep. 2 cups split peas to 6 cups broth was perfect.
trampledbygeese July 11, 2019

It took a few test cooks (pressure cooking water) to get the settings right. The vent valve is really finicky and even though it says it's on sealing, sometimes the steam comes out of there non-stop. I have to get it just in the perfect position.

Other than that, very quick and easy to pressure cook water.

I choose to do the broth separately since having a strong broth is essential to this recipe. I selecting the setting for broth and put it on for 45 min and filled the water to the half-full line. I don't know if that will be long enough, but I'm using natural (slowest) release so maybe? It's about what I would do on the stovetop pressure cooker.

It's going to be interesting.
Stephanie G. July 11, 2019
I have an Instant Pot and cook beans frequently. I find the recommended times to be merely suggestions. I have drastically overcooked lima beans and pinto beans using guidelines online. I now start checking way before I think they will be ready to avoid overcooking. I would search for split peas, instant pot recipes on line and let those be your guide. You will soon acclimate to the Instant Pot.
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