Best vegan cook book?



Mrs B. August 30, 2016
Would most appreciate more current recommendations, to wit, books not mentioned below, published in the past few years . . . .
Many thanks.
savorthis July 12, 2013
I was gifted Vegonomicon and have ear marked many things but have yet to try them. I am in week two of VB6 and have been gathering ideas from various sources. The place that has been most inspiring so far is 101cookbooks (I also have her two books). Many of Heidi's recipes are not completely vegan, but her approach and ideas are great for helping you think along those lines and perhaps modify things you already like to cook. And Mark Bittman's new VB6 book has some good ideas too. For me the best approach has been to learn some vegan tricks and work on applying them to tweak things I already enjoy while not completely substituting them. If that makes any sense...

Jonchurch I am intrigued by the Kansha book as I love Japanese cooking and I can see how easy it might be to cook vegan Japanese dishes. I am never quite sure how, say, a vegan pie crust or similar from a blog might turn out so it is nice to see some recommendations.
jonchurch July 11, 2013
Breathing life into an old thread here...

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is high on the list of must read vegan authors. If only buying one cookbook I highly recommend her extensive tome The "Veganomicon", co authored with another heavy hitter in the vegan cookbook world, Terry Hope Romano (who's book "Vegan With Avengence" is another cult hit).

Miyoko Schinner has very nice Vegan Japanese titles with "Kansha" being the sexiest book, but "Japanese Cooking Traditional and Contemporary" being far more practical for everyday use.

"The Sexy Vegan Cookbook" by Brian Patton is also very good, and proves that vegan food can be filling and hearty. With recipes like Tempeh Walnut Meatball Subs, and Beet Burgers, definitely not whimpy fare.

"Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a great title for anyone looking to learn about low-fat cooking in addition to vegan food that rocks.

Most of the recipes I use to inspire my cooking come from vegan foodblogs. Just as invaluable in the search for solid vegan recipes as what is currently in print.
Some of my favorites are: and
ChefJune May 29, 2012
I'm not vegan, and only cook vegan sometimes, but Robin Asbell's new book, "Big Vegan," is lovely and full of great info. You may also enjoy her web site
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 29, 2012
Here's a past hotline question that may be useful. Search vegan cookbooks in the search, under hotline for more suggestions. Good luck!
Mirepoix79 May 29, 2012
Spice of life, I've heard the same thing. It's on my list. Was just looking for some help from the "foodie" crowd.
The S. May 29, 2012
I have always wanted Veganomicon (spelling?) but I am not vegan or vegetarian. I've heard fantastic things about it.
curious May 28, 2012
My disclaimer is that I'm not vegan and cook vegan only sometimes. But Angelica Kitchen is a fantastic vegan restaurant, and I have always coveted their cookbook. You can buy it direct from their website:
susan G. May 28, 2012
Favorite authors: Nava Atlas, Isa Chandra Moskowitz.. The number of vegan cookbooks has just exploded recently. I like to check libraries and websites to 'taste' first, then buy.
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