Korean cookbook?

Any suggestions on a reliable, traditional, homestyle Korean cookbook? Thanks!



Brain H. June 4, 2012
I just discovered Quick and Easy Korean Cooking by Cecilia Hae-Jon Lee, which was a Gourmet CookBook Club selection. I also have Momofuku which I love, but Quick and Easy seems more accessible as there are not as many recipes within recipes. Like Killer Spicy Korean Noodles...yum.
bonbonmarie May 28, 2012
Thank you everyone! I'm glad I wasn't crazy when I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I will check into the book/website/ideas. Cheers!
boulangere May 28, 2012
I agree with Pierino. David Chang is the bomb. Momofuko will get you close.
Christine May 28, 2012
This isn't a cookbook, but the website www.maangchi.com has really good recipes and video tutorials. If you really want a book, she may be able to make a good recommendation.
keel May 28, 2012
I was going to share this website too. It's my go to website for Korean recipes. Too funny!
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 29, 2012
What a great blog. Thank you!
pierino May 29, 2012
Yes, I've found maangchi very helpful as well. Even though I'm non-asian I've been obsessing on Korean cooking lately. What I'm finding interesting is that it is often pickles, pickles and more pickles and barbecue. I've been working up a blog post on the topic but it's not quite ready.
keel May 29, 2012
I think you are mistaken. There is a lot more to Korean food than just barbecue and pickles. Yes, kimchi is a pickled type of cabbage but there are a lot more ban chan that is not pickled. Also, Koreans eat a lot of soups and stews (jjigaes) as well.
HalfPint May 29, 2012
I've seen her youtube videos. She's adorable and the videos are pretty good.
pierino May 28, 2012
I feel your pain. There are almost none. A good one is "The Kimchi Chronicles" by Marja Vongerichten (Chronicle). I have contacts in the publishing world and I keep pleading with them to do Korean cookbooks. Thanks to Korean-American chefs like David Chang and Roy Choi this is the next wave.
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