What to do with duck fat?

Recently, I roasted two duck legs, a la NYT Cookbook. It produced some of the most amazing looking liquid, which i preserved by simply pouring into a glass container and freezing. Now, 3 days later, I find myself craving a delicious idea for how to use it. I find coating potatoes with it boring, and its a tad too hot for stews. Any ideas?



QueenSashy August 26, 2012
If it is still in your freezer, you may want to try duck fat crostini. Grill some nice country bread, and while still hot scrub it with garlic and spread a little bit of duck fat. Some onion jam would not hurt either...
shoresdiver June 12, 2012
Pop some popcorn in it, and top with sea salt and some truffle oil. Probably the best quick appetizer out there.
babytiger June 12, 2012
Potato loves duck fat!
irishchef June 12, 2012
Eggs and home-fries are a must! My favorite is pan seared scallops. Duck, chicken or turkey confit. Before refrigeration this was how food was preserved. Duck fat makes everything taste better. Don't be afraid to experiment with it.
Reiney May 30, 2012
Brioche toasted in duck fat makes for one awesome crouton.
pierino May 30, 2012
I'm going old school here but pan sear a lobe of foie gras in duck fat. The PETA police are trying to steal this from us so act fast. And for the record foie gras is no more inhumane than killing a chicken for dinner. And I don't mind pissing them off.

Other uses, well frying potatoes. Of course you could use more duck and use the fat for rillettes.
bigpan May 30, 2012
Mashed potato, and any sautéed veg.
HalfPint May 30, 2012
I was once served edamame sauteed in duck fat. Swoon-worthy and just luscious (for lack of a better descriptor).
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 30, 2012
Cooks you eggs in it. As mentioned it freezed a long time well. Here's a past hotline link: http://www.food52.com/hotline/10808-what-can-you-do-with-all-the-fat-that-comes-from-roasting-a-duck
petitbleu May 29, 2012
As a southerner, I would have a tendency to make cornbread with it, but really anything you'd like to roast (beets, carrots, and other fairly flavorful root veggies come to mind) or sauté would be just lovely. Lucky!
ReneePussman May 29, 2012
That stuff is like liquid GOLD. Save it, get any crud out of it and freeze it in an airtight container. Then use it for just about anything. I personally think it is even better than bacon fat.
Sam1148 May 29, 2012
Use it with green beans or any veggies to sautee.

Here's a nice one with the small green beans. The 'haricot vert' as some call them. Blanch the beans just a couple of mins and reserve.
Put the fat in the pan with some match stick cut Prosciutto ham, and cook. Reduce heat to very low and add crushed garlic, fresh rosemary, and chopped sundried tomatoes. Let all those flavors come together on low. Don't burn the garlic! Very low flavor extracting heat.

Add the green beans and toss and warm them up.Season with salt as needed. Add some bread crumbs and parmigiano reggiano to finish. This can be served warm or room temp.
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