What’s the best way to cook tender duck breast? Is slow cooker or pressure cooker an option?

I’ve got two duck breasts/skin on and I’m open to roasted or even a cassoulet, stew, or soup preparation. I want the great duck flavor but don’t want it to be tough (again).



702551 December 19, 2021
The two cooking methods and three dishes you mentioned are all suited for duck LEGS, not breasts. The legs have lots of collagen and fair well for longer cooking times and higher internal temperatures.

Duck breast meat is ideal when it is cooked to medium rare but enough to render out most of the fat and crisp up the skin. Duck breast meat gets tough when subjected to too much heat and too much time.

Here is the best way to cook duck breast:


Concerning Kenji's sous vide technique, take careful note about starting the searing process in a COLD pan.

If you don't have a sous vide immersion circulator, the best way is to cook it over the stove restaurant style:


If you go with Sohla's stovetop method, pay attention to the author's notes about sound. A good cook also uses their ears and this is one of those moments in the kitchen you need to pay attention to the sounds coming from the pan, not whatever Spotify or Pandora playlist you have blasting.

For duck legs, the best method is do sous vide confit. There are decent instructions at Serious Eats as a starting point.

Best of luck.

[email protected] December 21, 2021
Thank you for your thoughtful reply and for setting me straight. I was hankering for more of a cassoulet or a duck and bean soup that I made years ago but my only available duck option was breast. I’ll wait until I have duck legs available. Thanks for the leads on preparing duck breast and I’m going to save your email for when when I’m in the mood for duck breast.
Nancy December 19, 2021
Have made duck too few times to give advice.
But the duck recipes by a hunter at honest-food.net give lots of sound advice about cooking skin-on duck breasts in a frying pan...where you can keep track of the cooking process.
Good luck (and save the fat for great potatoes)!
[email protected] December 21, 2021
Thanks so much!
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