Best Place to eat in Burlington, VT?

My dad and I are going to be passing through Burlington in a week and with only a couple meals to eat in town, I want to make sure I don't miss out on a local gem.



Burnt O. May 31, 2012
The Belted Cow in Essex (10 min. NE of Burlington) is amazing, as is the Essex Culinary Resort and Spa's restaurant.
Bevi May 31, 2012
Also, The Whip at the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe has a great new chef. We have eaten there a few times and like his style.
Bevi May 31, 2012
Mirabelles on Main Street is a cute little pastry shop as well - French Macarons!
sheredel May 31, 2012
just thought of this, need a really good bagel for breakfast, Myers Pine St. or stop in Montpelier at Baggito's for excellent whole wheat bagel, and if not Stone Soup, American Flatbread Pizza St Paul St. Or Penny Clause, Cherry St. very popular breakfast place
chez_mere May 31, 2012
Ooooh, thank you for the wonderful bakery suggestions. I could be considered a carb-o-holic, and my dad is a bagel connoisseur, so we will be sure to check some of these places out :)
sheredel May 31, 2012
Stone Soup, College St., google this, its right by the pedestrian walk way. Mostly vegetarian but eclectic, delightful, wonderful healthy yet gourmet, all made in house. TRUST ME ON THIS!! they are on facebook and have web site. if your driving up 89, stop off in Richmond, small town, go to Bridge St., turn right 1/2 mile on right On The Rise, Bakery, DO NOT MISS!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 30, 2012
Church and Main- Really good food, not cheap but definitely worth your money. It has food of all kinds not one specific genre.

Trattoria Delia- My family & I love this restaurant. it's authentic Italian food, really good! Its not crazy expensive, it all depends what you drink!!

Rira's- I love this place, so fun to sit outside and have lunch when it's nice out. Really good pub food. Spinach Artichoke dip is soo good.

Hope these help!
chez_mere May 30, 2012
Thanks a bunch! These are great suggestions :)
paseo May 30, 2012
Also south of B'ton on Rte 7 is Starry Night Cafe in Ferrisburg - amazing food
paseo May 30, 2012
A good source for restaurant recommendations is a Chowhound board
ReneePussman May 30, 2012
Is it just me or does this question not belong here?
Bevi May 30, 2012

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motease May 30, 2012
I always go to A Single Pebble whenever I pass through Burlington. The mock eel is a must.
Bevi May 30, 2012
I like:

Leunigs. French Bistro food with a local twist.

The Kitchen Table Bistro in Richmond is exceptional.

If you can stray off the beaten path, go to Hardwick and eat at Claire's. The best.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 30, 2012
What type of cuisine? It's pretty lo key there as you may know but lots of seasonal and sourced options.
chez_mere May 30, 2012
Anything you might classify as 'New-American' is good, as is anything from the Mediterranean. Probably should avoid Indian food (Dad has a pretty mild palate and bad experiences with it...)
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