Favorite spots in Paris?

We want to hear your recommendations for favorite local food spots in Paris—restaurants, markets, and the like (okay, and non-food spots, too!). We want the full scoop—hidden gems, the best dishes to order, when to go, etc. Thank you!

Lindsay-Jean Hard


jessicamclement May 27, 2017
Best cookies: Les Petits Mitrons (rue Lepic), soft and buttery and sold by weight, these cookies are the best that I have ever tasted. They have the standard chocolate chip, but also fig and raisin, caramel chip, and more... If you're hungry for salty too, they do lovely tartes.

Pastries: Sadaharu Aoki (a few spots all over Paris) does the best French-Japanese pastries. They do this chocolate caramel tarte that is insane, and all of their match things are delicious, too.

Favourite restaurant: Cuisine (50, rue Condorcet), they serve small plates and have an excellent wine selection. The vibe of the place is super great, with an art deco style. Plus, it's on a street full of nice bars and shops ! I love the vegetable tempura (if it's on the menu now), and the burrata is always amazing.

If for any reason you want to splurge big time, I recommend the Italian restaurant called Caffe Stern (47, passage des Panoramas). Everything about this restaurant is perfect and unique.

Then a really fun and hearty place is called Le Volant (13, rue Béatrix Dussane). It's Basque food, so it's a bit different than the standard French fare you will find around Paris in French restaurants.

Re: a previous comment: Verjus is nice, but I haven't liked what they have done recently, and I had a disappointing experience at Ellsworth. They do however have great reviews, so maybe it was just an off day !

I recommend reserving at restaurants if they take reservations.

Cheese shop of the gods: Fromagerie Laurent Dubois (2, rue de Lourmel). It's close to the Eiffel Tower, so you can always grab a few cheese to try, a baguette, and then go have a picnic.

Marché des Enfants Rouges (rue de Bretagne), full of awesome little places to eat (a lot of them are ethnic - island cuisine, Lebanese, etc.) plus fresh food, flowers, bread.
All I. May 26, 2017
Paris has some amazing restaurants but the variety is a bit limited--there is not the innovation and variety you find so easily in London or Mexico City or San Francisco. The average bistro is rather unimpressive. However, I few of my favorites which I discovered earlier this month include Frenchie Wine Bar (Frenchie bar a vins) for amazing small plates like burrata with curry sauce and savory granola, a delicious terrine and amazing bread and wine. For a fancy night out, try to book Verjus in advance. It is an incredible tasting menu that is expertly prepared that changes with the seasons and is a great value for quality. The service was also spectacular which makes it a lovely experience (try to book as it is small, but if you arrive a few moments before it's opening at 7pm you may be able to get a table because of a cancellation like I did!). Also, Ellsworth is a sister restaurant of Verjus which is less expensive and has some more casual options include brunch. Cafe Oberkampf has amazing third wave coffee, delicious lattes and a small area to sit. As for pastries, there are many great places but it is hard to find seating. Moulin de Rosa on Rue de Turenne is a block or two away from the Place des Voges--get the chocolate bread Marie Josette and find a bench in the Marias and enjoy! The service was also warm and friendly. The pastries are also good at the famous Du Pain et Dea Idees but the service is less friendly and the seating area outside isn't ideal.
toyosi O. May 25, 2017
liberte in the canal st martin area if i remember correctly. their la tradicion baguette is to die for.

i'm still dreaming about it.
Emily S. May 25, 2017
I recommend taking a boat ride on the Seine at dusk. Beautiful!
Jane K. May 23, 2017
I love Chez Janou! It feels like a great combination of the Paris vibe mixed with the south of France. Make reservations or you will wait forever. Get the huge crock of chocolate mousse because why not? Everything on the menu is delicious... I especially loved the grapefruit + avocado salad.
Valerie May 23, 2017
La Petite Bretonne. I'm not sure if it's still on the menu but their crêpes à la noix de coco (coconut crêpes) were beyond decadent. I still have dreams about them.
Exbruxelles May 23, 2017
Le Petit Fer a Cheval in the Marais--a tiny little brasserie. The food is simple, but excellently done and there are very few non-Parisians.
Asha L. May 23, 2017
L'As du Fallafel - Best. Falafel. Ever.
Chez Rene: If you want ol' school French...get the duck confit and frites, you won't regret it.
Richard Lenoir market: Sundays (and Thursdays, I think)
Merveilleux de Fred: Everyone thinks about tarte au citron, éclairs, etc, but merveilleux are still a hidden gem.
Dirty Dick: the only Tiki bar in Paris!!
The list could go on and on!
Pippa P. May 23, 2017
Hollybelly for brunch! It's a must! And Boot café for its ultra-instagrammable shop front. Du Pain et Des Idées for their pistachio snails (or any of their pastries!) Le Grenier à Pain do the best baguettes EVER (when in France...eat at least one baguette a day, it's the law)
Joy H. May 23, 2017
L'Arpege for lunch (amazing vegetable-focused food, decently priced for a 3 Michelin star restaurant, but you need to make reservations far ahead of time), Jacques Genin for their mango-passion caramels, Hugo et Victor for their tarts (I love the pink grapefruit and passion fruit flavors) and chocolates, Maison Georges Larnicol for kouign amann, Rue Cler for a whole street of cute cafes/bistros near the Eiffel Tower
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