What is the best way to test the acidity of homemade vinegar? I have several quarts that I'd like to use in chutneys that I'll can. Thanks!

I know there are pH strips out there -- in fact, I have some for my pool, but the range is too low -- and my local wine making store only sells titration kits, which seem like overkill. Should I use pH strips? And if so, where is the best place to find them (in the 4.0 to 6.0 range), other than online? Your thoughts? Thanks so much, everyone. ;o) P.S. I'll buy online, but want to do some canning this weekend!



AntoniaJames June 5, 2012
Just to update you . . . . I couldn't find the strips in a pharmacy, and have had little time for shopping, so I decided to approach this problem from a different angle. I have nearly an full jar of citric acid leftover from my mozzarella making, so I did a bit of research, and found in "Putting Food By" by Janet Greene, et al., that 1/4 teaspoon citric acid provides the same amount of acidity as 1 tablespoon of 5% vinegar or lemon juice. I'll use the vinegar for flavor. I know the chutneys will be a bit sharper but I like them better that way, so it works. ;o)
susan G. June 1, 2012
I have pH test tape on a roll, and some on tabs. It is available in health food stores, used to test saliva and urine. I believe pharmacies may also carry it. I just ran a quick test, using white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, water and baking soda (in a few drops of water) -- the range is distinct. The low end on the roll is 5.5; for the strips it's 5.5. Results are taken by comparison with a color chart.
Sam1148 June 1, 2012
If you have a pool..maybe a multi purpose electronic one with a large range might be justifiable.
HalfPint June 1, 2012
AJ, try gardening centers or plant nurseries. They sell strips to test soil pH.
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