What is the best way to make homemade breadcrumbs? Do you use the crust or only the inside?

Betsy Sason


mickle February 2, 2015
The type and parts of bread depend on how I plan to use the breadcrumbs; i. e. No crusts of a white breadr for crab cakes or for a delicate coating of a seafood item. However I would use all parts of mixed breads for a heavy topping for a rustic casserole. I use a very quick and easy method--set breads to be used open and separated on the counter until dry--then make the crumbs of varying sizes in the Cuissinart with the standard blade--so fast, easy, and very little clean-up.
irina February 2, 2015
I also use everything but I use stale bread. I don't dry it in an oven.
I add herbs to food processor, grated cheese, whatever.
Use it that night.
Fat T. February 2, 2015
I use everything, crust, inside, white, wheat, rye, multigrain, everything.
For best results cut them in cubes, pre-heat an oven to about 275 then turn it off, place the cubes on a pizza stone or baking sheet and let dry in the warm over.
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