How to make fried okra with corn meal

  • Posted by: clint
  • June 3, 2012


Summer O. June 4, 2012
Might I argue that you can skip frying and just baste in olive oil ad soy sauce and toss on the grill for a few moments? Don't cut it and the slime issue will be a non issue.
Sam1148 June 3, 2012
Chop it up..soak in butter milk a bit. Drain it. Put in a paper bag with seasoned corn meal (seasoning salt, garlic powder, pepper) shake it and fry. "Dredging" is a pain to deal with in lots of such small slices---dump in the paper bag and shake it.
And yes, you can even skip the butter milk soak---fresh okra is sticky enough to get a coating---but the buttermilk does remove some of the slime on fresh okra; which isn't that much of a problem when coated and fried.
pierino June 4, 2012
I like Sam's paperbag treatment. I love okra and I don't mind the slime. But if you do, buy the freshest okra you can find and use a very sharp knife to slice, that will help to minimize it. Use a deep cast iron pan or gumbo pot to finish the job.
kbckitchen June 3, 2012
I personally just dredge the chopped okra in seasoned cornmeal (salt and pepper). I like white corn meal. With the sticky okra egg was isn't necessary. Then just fry in veg oil I like to add a dab of bacon grease for flavor
drbabs June 3, 2012
Here's a recipe from Paula Deen:
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