What is a good alternative to corn starch? All I have is cornflour, help!

I'll be making fried chicken, any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  • Posted by: Maureen
  • January 1, 2016


Maureen January 3, 2016
Hello, thank you for all of your help. I live in Britain so I used the cornflour I already had and the recipe turned out beautifully :)
Ash January 3, 2016
Cornflour and cornstarch are in fact the same thing. Cornstarch is the American term; cornflour is the British English term. (Like plain flour is all purpose and caster sugar is granulated sugar.)
Susan W. January 2, 2016
Cornstarch makes a shatteringly crispy crust. Very common in Asian recipes. Hopefully you found a good substitute.
Wendy F. January 2, 2016
Mmm! This is an interesting question as cornflour is the same as cornstarch if you lived in
Britain or Australia. Also some Asian countries do use cornstarch to make their chicken crispy - such as crispy chicken chicken wings which
are delicious!
cookbookchick January 3, 2016
This is what I like about the Hotline, wendyfouracres -- always something to learn from other cooks. Thanks!
cookbookchick January 1, 2016
For fried chicken, cornflour should be fine. In fact, I can't imagine using cornstarch to coat chicken for frying.
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