Can you blend with a food processor?

I have had a Kitchenaid blender for years and the rubber thing on the base has shredded. I called kitchenaid and they sent me to some website to get the replacement part. I am little scared of fixing the electronic but am going to give it a shot. If it does not work, I was thinking about getting a food processor instead of a new blender. I have a hand stick blender for soups, etc. Would a food processor be able to blend liquids like a blender? Thanks in advance.



chef O. June 6, 2012
Of course you can blend in a food processor! That's exactly what many recipes call for. It's perfectly fine for most blending tasks.
Reiney June 5, 2012
I'm a minimalist when it comes to appliances but I agree with amysarah - blenders and food processors serve two different functions. The blender creates a bit of a vortex which circulates the liquid more effectively than a food processor.

That said, it might come down to what you cook most - if you only use a blender for soups, you probably could get away with the hand blender, and if you need something really smooth you can pass it through a fine mesh strainer.
pierino June 6, 2012
Indeed that's where your trusty tamis comes in. But yes, the processor and the blender perform different functions with some overlap. That's why they are different machines. I finally broke down and bought the Vitamix last year.
amysarah June 5, 2012
In my experience, a food processor - while hugely useful for many reasons - doesn't produce as smooth a puree as a blender. It also doesn't froth in as much air or make emulsions as well.

Also, if I understand what you're replacing I wouldn't be too put off by the rubber parts at the base of blender - they're not electronic, just mechanical bits. I've burned through a lot of rubber on my blender and it's still whirring. (And trust me, I'm no electronic wizard.)
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