Can I use buckwheat (kasha) in place of couscous when making tabbouleh ?



Linn June 10, 2012
Some great dishes have been born out of disasters "Ooops made a mistake" and substitutions "Oops don't have that handy so let's try this ..." Why not give it a try and tell us how it came out?
SallyBroff June 10, 2012
Use medium buckwheat groats and it will be very similar to the traditional bulgar.
Kukla June 10, 2012
Of course you can make a delicious Buckwheat Tabbouleu; if you would like a recipe, please go to my recipes and open “Buckwheat Tabbouleu with Roasted Young Turnips and Crunchy Radishes “, you can just save it as a base and then add any your favorite ingredients.
Maedl June 10, 2012
I would give buckwheat a try--just get the whole buckwheat, not buckwheat grits. Are you trying to avoid wheat or just experimenting? I have thought about using quinoa as a tabbouleh base, but haven't gotten around to it yet.The quinoa has a bit of a snap to it that I think would work well and I have liked other salads made with it.
Author Comment
Use whole millet! Pre cook the whole millet according to instructions on the bag, however, I have better luck adding additional water and cooking time - takes 40 minutes to cook and then be sure to let steam ince heat is turned off with lid on pot for an additional 15-20 minutes. Fluff w/fork and add all tabouleh ingredients - awesome.
pierino June 9, 2012
Actually bulgar wheat would be more traditional than couscous in tabbouleh, although you can make a very nice one with couscous.
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