Dinner party prep

I plan to be serving Hunter-style chicken, an Israeli couscous dish, green beans, roasted root vegetables (subject to change), Amanda's peach tart and Amanda's dump it chocolate cake. What would you make ahead and how many days ahead can I safely get started? I don't want to freeze anything.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • December 29, 2011


boulangere December 29, 2011
Whenever I recommend to people that they prepare as much as possible ahead of the Big Day, often I get looks as if I'd suggested they parade nude down Main Street. It's as if they've intuited from decades of family tradition that the Big Day MUST be drink-inducing. Not so. Amanda's timeline is golden. Follow it. And have some wine on hand.
ATG117 December 29, 2011
Perfect. thanks! I'm usually trying to make everything at the last minute in the name of freshness. I'm resolved to make things easier for myself in the new year.
Amanda H. December 29, 2011
2 days ahead: Hunter-style chicken. 1 day ahead: couscous, roasted veg, peach tart dough (lined in pan). Day of: finish tart, cake, green beans.
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