Can you make this without an ice cream maker?



Quinciferous July 4, 2012
I was just going to add the Girl Scout coffee can trick -- it's pretty miraculous how well it works. The one downside I always found was having to divvy up a small coffee can of ice cream amongst ten or fifteen hungry Girl Scouts!
cagGS July 4, 2012
In Girl Scouts (I was a leader for 10 years), we made frozen treats with coffee cans. Place the mixture in a small coffee can and put the lid on. Put the small can inside a large coffee can. Fill the space around the small can with ice and rock salt. Put the lid on and roll back and forth on the floor until the ice cream freezes--worked every time!
Sadassa_Ulna June 13, 2012
Oops forgot to mention that I put the mixture in a covered container and back in the freezer for at least an hour to firm back up.
Sadassa_Ulna June 13, 2012
I have made sorbets and ice creams using a food processor. I cool the mixture then pour into a large shallow pyrex baking pan and freeze. I take out when the edges are frozen solid but the middle not quite solid. I scoop it up and break any solid chunks and place in processor. Pulse a little, let it thaw, pulse a little more.
I do not force the machine but wait until the mixture is thawed/loose enough to whirl as a thick mass. If it bunches up into an icy ball then it is not thawed enough. Some frozen desserts call for alcohol because it keeps the mixture from freezing solid, so this is where I would add liqueur or spirits. Other recipes call for egg white to keep the mixture from freezing up.
I sometimes repeat the process of freezing in a shallow pan and then processing little scoops if I have the time and I want it super smooth. It is time consuming but worth it.
HalfPint June 13, 2012
David Lebovitz posted instructions on how to make ice cream without a machine:

Should work for this sorbet.
chefsusie June 13, 2012
Yes, I believe you could. I was thinking you may have to do it on a smaller scale though. Perhaps by using a double bagged sandwich bag for the mixture and a large gallon bag with salt (to lower temperature) and by tossing and kneading the mixture and possibly refrigerating a couple times. I have a thing called a Play& freeze ball that would work. You fill up the inside with ice cream ingredients and the outside with ice and salt. (Then you toss around on the floor) Maybe this could be done with a small plastic container with sorbet, inside a larger plastic container with ice. And shake the heck out of it. Just sending out random ideas!
Panfusine June 13, 2012
Waiting for a positive answer to this as well!, thanks for posting the qn.
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