Surf and turf?

We are having two couples for dinner...
One couple doesn't like fish, the other don't eat meat! Yes, I know, bad planning! I was thinking tenderloin and salmon steaks..
Would love any ideas.

Molly Fuller


nancy E. January 22, 2015
You cannot beat a crusty ribeye with a side of clam linguini. Oh my!
Molly F. January 23, 2015
Thanks, I'll remember that! One of them is allergic to shellfish.....
Sam1148 January 21, 2015
How about a lighter fish, like a grilled halibut with a Chimichuri Sauce.

The Chimichurri sauce can do double duty with the steak.

Look around for other Brazillian side dishes. Maybe a black-eyed pea, rice, and tomato dish. I'd google "brazillian steak houses" and see what's on the menu at some of those places.
Pegeen January 20, 2015
Think risotto is a great compromise, with a lovely salad and great bread.

Personally I'd never serve scallops with any other entree because scallops, bay or sea, require such focused, last-minute flash cooking (unless you want to wind up with very expensive hockey pucks). Maybe you could manage scallops and a properly cooked steak if you had another person overseeing the beef and someone else doing all the other things that need to be done, while you do the scallops.
ChefJune January 20, 2015
Another great winter vegetarian and universally popular dish is a baked pasta dish with mixed mushrooms in a cream sauce. Very hearty and oh! so amazing.
ChefJune January 20, 2015
OR, you could do a Lasagne Quattro Formaggi with Spinach, Marinara Sauce on the side.
ChefJune January 20, 2015
I love the risotto idea, too. I would definitely serve something that all your guests (and you, too, of course!) will eat and enjoy.
Molly F. January 20, 2015
Thanks to everyone! I LOVE this site!!
Molly F. January 19, 2015
Funny, I just printed off Ina's risotto recipe....can't do scallops - oh these picky people! - so think I'll do beef tenderloin, salmon both with chimichurri and will agonize over the rest! Dont remember what a persimmon tastes like...will go try one out! They seem to be *in* right now....
Meaghan F. January 20, 2015
I was skeptical the first time I tried it (I've found her recipes can be hit-or-miss) but it's become a staple for me. A few tips: DEFINITELY use a heavy pot like a cast iron Dutch oven, and, as with any risotto, always use the best-quality stock you can find. I've never actually used her called-for mix-in of frozen peas, but I've tried a lot of alternatives and they all work. My fav though is to let some saffron steep in the wine while the risotto bakes and to sub in lightly sautéed shallots instead of peas.
HalfPint January 20, 2015
@Molly Fuller, persimmons have a sweet almost honey-like flavor. You will want the flat-ish fuyu variety which does not need to be fully ripe before eating. In fact, they'll have a nice crunch to them. The hachiya variety, with its point bottom, needs to be very ripe and very soft (almost liquidy) before you can eat them. Hachiyas just don't work in salads. In any case, persimmons are in season right now.
Molly F. January 19, 2015
Funny, I just printed off Ina's risotto recipe....can't do scallops - oh these picky people! - so think I'll do beef tenderloin, salmon both with chimichurri and will agonize over the rest!
Meaghan F. January 19, 2015
UGH go vegetarian haha, don't stress trying to cook two entrees. Risotto is a great idea (Ina Garten's baked risotto is perfect for dinner parties - delish and you're not chained to the stove). Veggie lasagna is a classic too. A loaf of homemade bread always impresses and is a versatile side.
HalfPint January 19, 2015
Maybe a risotto with mushrooms or squash. An arugula salad with some persimmon and pecans, dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. Roasted root vegetable side. Pound cake with orange segments and whipped cream.
Molly F. January 19, 2015
Love the risotto idea!
Nancy January 20, 2015
Was going to suggest the great tasting vegetarian main dish for all. In addition to rissoto, consider Moroccan tagine, Indian curry, Mexican beans and rice, Molly Katzen black bean soup (basically veg version of Brazilian feiojada), etc. Surround with delicioys app and dessert, good wine and all you have to do is relax into the visit.
TobiT January 19, 2015
I think your surf and turf idea is nice. But I'd go with steak and scallops - somehow the scallops seem a bit more elegant than salmon - depending on how prepared of course. You could serve them with a sauce that complements both, such as a chimichurri (spelling?)
Alternatively, if you want to go more casual, you could do a veggie chili with some meat add ins alongside the usual adding.
Or a Tom kha Gai or ramen soup, with shrimp and pork addins.
Nancy January 20, 2015
Yes to Tom kha gai, with spring rolls appetizer, mango -something dessert, good beer or gewurtztraminer wine.
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