What's easiest (and fastest) way to whip up a great steak?



BoulderGalinTokyo June 20, 2012
I have fallen in love with Sagegreen's recipe. No need to marinade, just cook. Raspberries, peppers, and onions.

michaelzr June 20, 2012
Bring steak to room temp. Smoking hot vegetable oil in a very heavy pan. Salt and pepper right before cooking. Flip every 20 seconds or so.

And open your windows if you can, ha.
Beamer June 19, 2012
2nd answer definitely the best. Before cooking, though, season generously with salt and pepper.
allans June 19, 2012
I agree with the above with one addition. Splash with Worcestershire as it comes to room temp. Adds nice flavor.
Reiney June 18, 2012
Steak isn't necessarily fast - for a successful finished product it's important to both temper the steak ahead of time (bring the meat to room temp before cooking it, about 30 mins out of the fridge) and rest for 10 minutes on a rack after cooking to keep the meat moist.

jmburns June 18, 2012
Well never whipped up a steak. But I would heat up a grill pan season stem with salt and pepper and coat with olive oil. Sear steak both sides and put in a 350 to 400 oven to finish it off.
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