salting dry-aged steak: right before cooking or in advance?

Discovered some great dry-aged steak at Eataly yesterdat. Have never worked with it before, just regular steak from decent meat shops. It was strip steak. I salted right before cooking because I found lots of conflicting info out there as to advance salting with dry-aged (and in general with non-aged) Would love suggestions.

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QueenSashy January 26, 2017
I remember reading somewhere that the best thing to do is salt a steak well in advance (but at least one hour before). If you cannot do that, the second best is right before. Trying to remember the source, will post back if I do....
PHIL January 25, 2017
I like to salt and pepper the steaks right before, males for a nice flavorful crust.
sfmiller January 24, 2017
On the question of when best to salt steaks in general, this article is informative:
Lindsay-Jean H. January 24, 2017
These past threads on the topic might help! and
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