Can I save the simple sugar left over from making the candied orange peel recipe on F52 (I included the suggested vanilla bean).

  • Posted by: Erica
  • December 30, 2013


boulangere January 1, 2014
By all means. The flavor should be lovely. Nothing lasts forever, though; it will eventually mold in the refrigerator, so plan to use it up within a couple of weeks.
LeBec F. January 1, 2014
I know there are always variables, but in the back of my frig I have syrup from last yr, and it hasn't gone mouldy.(Boy, when you candy a whole box of clementine peel, you end up with a lot of syrup!! Maybe I should gift it to a fav bartender?!)
Bill F. January 1, 2014
I always do. And my wife make delicious cocktails with it. Orange simple syrup goes a long way.
LeBec F. December 31, 2013
Keep in the frig or frzr; i have had it go moldy at room temp.Can also be used in tea, coffee, hot choc, and for brushing on cakes before frosting; or for making another batch of candied citrus peel.
AnnaBell December 30, 2013
I always save it. It's great in cocktails in place of plain simple syrup.
HalfPint December 30, 2013
I would. Nothing raw (like egg whites) was used. It would be such a waste of sugar that can be used in other things.
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