russian cheese pudding

post word-war 2 my grandmother who was from Kiev, Russia, used to stand at the kitchen table and roll out an enormous amount of dough and then fill it with beautiful yellow cheese and butter and bake it. It was heavenly. I never got the recipe. can you help me

  • Posted by: sanlit
  • June 21, 2012


Droplet June 22, 2012
My apologies, somehow I missed the "Dough" part of your description. Pashka is typically served with a sweet yellow bread to accompany it, and though your recipe is likely something else, I assume it is possible for a variation to exist in which the cheese gets baked. I've seen savory versions being done that way. But whenever somebody says Russian cheese pudding I think of Pashka.
Droplet June 22, 2012
It is called Pashka.Both sweet and savory versions exist and you can find many recipes online. Do a search and that will help you recreate your grandma's as you remember it.
Droplet June 22, 2012
Here is a good basic recipe for you.
susan G. June 22, 2012
There is a cook on the site called Kukla. If you look at her cook's page, you can see the recipes she has posted, and find a link if you want to contact her directly.
Maedl June 22, 2012
It sounds like a strudel made with farmer's cheese or quark. I know farmer's cheese was readily available in Ukraine and Russia. Check some Ukrainian cookbooks or websites--or look in Please to the Table, which has many recipes from Russia.
bigpan June 21, 2012
Don't know the dish , but Kiev is in Ukraine - not Russia. (a better heritage)
susan G. June 22, 2012
When sanlit's grandmother lived there, it was part of the USSR.
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