how do you keep grains fresh

a Whole Foods Market Customer


susan G. June 22, 2012
A real advantage of freezer storage is that is 'neutralizes' any chance of insects hatching out. And glass jars on a pantry shelf will prevent infestation if the critters try to invade -- the outside and in. One of the hard facts of natural foods is that they bring more nature with them than you intended.
chefsusie June 22, 2012
Fridge and freezer slow down the breakdown of grains. I store my flax and nuts in the freezer. As well as my whole wheat flour.
Nozlee S. June 22, 2012
As long as you keep your grains in tightly sealed containers and use them within 3-6 months, they should stay fresh! You might find our pantry organization tips helpful:
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