Do dried apricots or ripe, juicy apricots Have more flavor?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


HalfPint June 25, 2012
Look for CandyCot apricots right now. They're in season until late July.
SKK June 25, 2012
You won't pick up sulfites if you dehydrate apricots yourself.
pierino June 25, 2012
No question in my mind that ripe stone fruit tastes far better than dried. Yes the flavors are different (per ChefOno's point). But in the dried variety you are possibly picking up that yummy flavor of sulfites.
Maedl June 25, 2012
The flavori s concentrated, but it is a different flavor. I get many more floral notes from a fresh apricot than I do from a dried one. The perception of taste is very individualized--people will perceive flavors differently.
ChefOno June 24, 2012


But to answer the question, an apricot's flavor is concentrated by the drying process.

Maedl June 24, 2012
Apricots are in season now, so why not do a taste test and see for youself? The only problem is that most grocery store apricots taste like cardboard, so try to find a locally grown apricot from a farmers' market.
SKK June 23, 2012
The flavor with both depends on the ripeness of the apricots. Both great and both different. What do you intend to use them for?
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