What to do with a lot of very good blueberry jam?

I was the recipient of a lot of very good blueberry jam and I'm worried it's going to go bad before I can use it all up (though I know I could freeze it!). Was thinking of making this cake—https://food52.com/recipes... would love other suggestions!

Sarah Jampel


creamtea August 1, 2016
spoon some over pancakes or waffles.
Rachel August 1, 2016
Use it for dressing a seared duck breast. Blueberries are my favorite accompaniment to duck and this sounds like it'd be a great use for it. Melt it in a saucepan over low heat and add a bit of champagne vinegar for a bit of tartness to balance the sweet before spooning over top of a seared sliced duck breast.
PHIL August 1, 2016
Sarah, I want to update my answer, oatmeal THUMBPRINT cookies.
HalfPint August 1, 2016
Add a dollop of it to a pan sauce for any beef, game, lamb, or duck. My former neighbors taught me this trick.
PHIL August 1, 2016
Just stir it into some warm oatmeal for breakfast...... or wait a minute, forget the oatmeal, why not mix it into some oatmeal cookie batter instead of using raisins . Blueberry jam oatmeal cookies (patent pending)
MarieGlobetrotter August 1, 2016
Roasted fruits and mascarpone: Take some fruits such as berries, peaches or rhubarb (pre-cook the rhubarb) and place in a baking dish. Whisk a 4-5 tablespoons of mascarpone with 1-2 tbsp of 35% cream (use more mascarpone then cream.The mixture should not be liquid). Spread on top of the fruits and bake/roast in the oven for a 12-15 minutes. Then top your dish with the jam.The heroes of the dish are the fruits and the jam, so make sure you don't overload this desert with mascarpone
creamtea July 31, 2016
A blueberry version of my grandmothers crumb bars: https://food52.com/recipes/14877-sossie-beile-s-little-cherry-crumb-bars
BerryBaby July 31, 2016
When we were kids our mom would spread cream cheese on saltines and add jam...blueberry would be delicious! Use it on a pork roast, make a syrup out of it for ice cream topping, mix it with fresh peaches and serve it over pound cake.
Nancy July 31, 2016
Sometimes making adjustments in texture or temperature, use the jam in or on
smoothies or milkshakes
vanilla ice cream as a sauce
baked tart shell
cakes, as a between-layers filling
Eaton Mess or strawberry fool (instead of the strawberries),
ice cream parfait or banana split
Nancy July 31, 2016
PS On top of cheesecake, instead of other fruit topping
amysarah July 30, 2016
I often add a layer of jam to breakfast corn muffins - berry is especially compatible. Just fill muffin cups halfway, add a dollop of jam, then the rest of the batter.

When my kids were little and partial jars of jam were always lurking in the fridge, I often made Nigella Lawson's Jam Crostata (my kids called it Jammy Tart) using whatever flavor, or mixture of flavors, were around. Very easy. It's made in a tart pan, but not a classic crostata - more of a cakey base/jam filling. Here's an online American-measure adaption - just sub blueberry. I usually use lemon zest and blueberries love lemons: http://honestcooking.com/weekend-dessert-blackberry-crostata/
louisez July 30, 2016
I've made the cake with blueberry jam, and it's become a family favorite. I freeze the jam instead if canning, and that works well. You can use some of the jam now, as in the cake, and freeze some for later (as in more cake, or whatever you want). I've also used it for yoghurt parfaits (layered along with fresh blueberries).
Natalie R. July 31, 2016
To add to this, one of my favorite cakes is a double-layer sponge cake with blueberry jam between the layers and fresh vanilla whipped cream on top (nothing on the sides). It's perfect for summer, and uses a decent amount of jam.
Stephanie G. July 30, 2016
I made Kim Boyce's Rye Crumb Bars from her book Good to the Grain. They were delicious and used 1 1/2 cups of jam. You can find the recipe on Molly Wizenberg's website, Orangette.
Corj July 30, 2016
Last night I made a 50-50% mix of whipped cream/greek yogurt (just whip it all together, the yogurt whips up great), lightly sweetened and served it layered in pretty glasses with a blackcurrant jam spooned in. It's simple but really showcases the jam while being not too heavy.
pierino July 30, 2016
Yes, just mixing it with plain Fage yogurt is great. An improvement over the "fruit at the bottom" varieties.
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