My water turned bright red!

I was blanching veggies for my pasta dish last night - first fava beans, then fresh peas. After I took them out the water was fine, I turned off the heat for a few minutes until I was ready to cook the pasta and when I came back to the pot 5 minutes later, the water was bright red! I've blanched veggies many times and never had that happen. Does anyone have an idea what might have happened?



nouveauchef June 30, 2012
Thanks - I just talked to a local chef and he said it was because I had waited and reboiled the water. The chlorophyll from the favas and peas oxidized and caused the red color. I may just try to use this as my next party trick! My kids will love it.
pierino June 27, 2012
It's the favas beans. Don't worry it's not toxic and perfectly safe to cook your pasta in.
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