Chicago brunch/ light lunch spots

Any suggestions for brunch or light lunch spots in the Gold Coast/mag mile area. Would love something relaxed and quaint, where I can get a great salad or eggs, etc.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • June 28, 2012


kfergusathome June 28, 2012
Bistro Zinc, 1131 N . State St.
Cafe des Architecteds, in the Sofitel,
20 E. Chestnut
Feast, 25 E. Delaware Place
biggies M. June 28, 2012
The Park Hyatt restaurant isn't quaint but it's got a really neat view of the city. You could also try RL, but I'm not sure they are open for lunch. Banderra is always good and a bit more casual than the first two I mentioned. AVEC is not open for lunch.. Have fun! You will love our city.
pierino June 29, 2012
I like Bandera too, although it is a chain--- sort of an upscale version of Applebee's. Good wines, good stuff coming off of the grill.
pierino June 28, 2012
I'm not sure if qualifies as "light" but the Purple Pig on Michigan Avenue is great, especially if you like things like pork rillettes. On the other side of the river in the Blackstone Hotel there is Mercat ala Planxa which is possibly more what you are after. I haven't been to Avec but it also is highly regarded.
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