How do you remove water spots from silicone items?

Mineral deposits from water can leave little spots on silicone items like utensils and lids. We’d love to hear your favorite tricks for removing these pesky (but fixable!) marks.

Emily Kochman


Nancy March 24, 2021
Had no problem with spots. But since you're raising silicone maintenance (implicitly), I have had problems removing odors.
You want to use something that is both effective and safe for humans. Suggestions include baking soda, vinegar, denture cleaner, dilute bleach, degreaser and freezing (alone or in combo with the others).
I've used the b soda, vinegar, dilute bleach solutions at different times and found they worked.
HalfPint March 24, 2021
Instead of Jet Dry rinse, I use white vinegar in my dishwasher.
HalfPint March 24, 2021
This helps with the spots on glass and silicon.
Emily K. March 24, 2021
Great to know this works well for you, thanks HalfPint. Do you just add a small amount of vinegar to the wash?
HalfPint March 24, 2021
I fill up the rinse dispenser, which looks to be about 2TBs or so.
Emily K. March 24, 2021
Got it—thanks so much!
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