breakfast in the car

My daughter likes to sleep as late as possible and eat her breakfast in the car during our commute. We have done smoothies, fruit, toast, nuts, etc. Please send your healthy breakfast suggestions that can be eaten en route in the car. I want to offer some new breakfasts for the upcoming school year.

Stephanie G


Ttrockwood August 10, 2018
-make a basic frittata mix with whatever veggies and or cheese appeal, bake in a well greased muffin tin. Great warm or room temp
- baked oatmeal, also more portable baked in a muffin tin, add in some chopped apple or berries
-hard boiled egg, cheese, crackers
- breakfast soft tacos (can make ahead a larger batch), eggs, black beans, bell pepper, shredded cheese
- yogurt parfait; just layer yogurt, chopped fruits, granola or mixed nuts/seeds into jar
- pb and j sandwich
- english muffin egg sandwich
Stephanie G. August 8, 2018
These are such great options! I love the coffee/protein shake!
BerryBaby August 8, 2018
Oh, and my Breakfast Crunch and Munch! Recipe posted on this site. I have other breakfast recipes posted as well.
BerryBaby August 8, 2018
Rice cakes! I came up with 'The Twelve Days Of Rice Cakes' years ago. It was fun creating different topping and different flavored rice together.
I love the cinnamon rice cake topped with peanut butter, sliced apples and drizzled with honey.
Cream cheese spread on Plain rice cake topped with a slice of ham.
Chocolate rice cakes spread Nutella and top with mini marshmallows. Endless combinations!
702551 August 8, 2018
How about an omusubi?

They can be cleanly eaten and can contain many excellent and nourishing fillings including fish and pickled vegetables. Also, while providing complex carbohydrates, rice does not have gluten.

Miso soup in a commuter cup would also be a superb choice, lots of vegetable-based proteins there.
MMH August 8, 2018
How old is she? And does she like coffee?
MMH August 8, 2018
If so, one of my new favorites is cold brew mixed with premier protein chocolate protein shake. Sometimes i mix it the night before. I used the leftover coffee from the French press. If there’s no leftover coffee. I just make cold brew over night in the French press. I started doing it in the summer and i like it so much i do it year round. It’s effortless and you don’t need to be a coffee lover to enjoy it because its so chocolately.
My daughter is a swimmer and they eat whatever they like at 430 in the morning whether its a breakfast food or not and if its healthy im not arguing. Right now Cliff bars and fruit are big. Hard cooked eggs are big. Cold pasta is popular just naked and also with asian dressings. String cheese. It’s no prep or prep the night before. As my daughter sez- mom , the captain has turned on the no talking sign
Stephanie G. August 8, 2018
She is 13 and she loves coffee.
Lori T. August 8, 2018
Baked scotch eggs, breakfast burritos- filled with scrambled eggs, bacon/chorizo/sausage/ham- whatever veggies and shredded cheese you like, frittata, waffles or pancakes made ahead of time, toasted and dipped in PB, jelly, syrup or whatever. Overnight oatmeal, mixed with yogurt and fruit of choice. My family also likes poha made with fruit of all sorts. Poha is a flattened rice, which takes only a few minutes to rehydrate in water or fruit juice, or my daughter's favorites- almond or coconut milk. I've also used it with mixed veggies and bacon bits for a savory version. I mix up the overnight oatmeal or chia puddings, and the poha ahead of time, and put it into small freezer jam containers in the fridge. Our family morning schedules vary over sometimes up to two hours, so these make great grab and go ready to eat breakfasts. Also yogurt/granola parfaits, egg English muffin sandwiches- also made ahead of time, wrapped and waiting.
HalfPint August 8, 2018
I would make baos, Chinese steamed bread rolls filled with meat or vegetables. Here's Vietnamese bao recipe that is pretty close to what my mother made for us when we were little:

Every you could want in a breakfast: meat, vegetables, even an egg ;)

These are even good for lunch and they freeze and reheat well.
Nancy August 8, 2018
I'm with HalfPint.
Dinner for breakfast, as I learned a long time ago, cooking a beef stew in the early morning for dinner later that day, and had a portion for my breakfast. Ideas:
1) Meat sandwiches, any cuisine she likes, to give your daughter a protein long-duration nutrition for the first part of her day.
2) This sandwich idea could also include pasta as the outside casing, as in fried, hand-held, stuffed ravioli or kreplach. Can also include things like cottage cheese or eggs.
3) Old college-student stand-by, a slice of cold pizza and a glass of milk.
Another idea (tried and true) and she prepare these items together, whether in batches or night before. Research shows that children are more interested in their food if they have some hand in, and some say in, producing it.
Nancy August 8, 2018
PS Last in the meat sandwich ideas, meant to say Cornish or Welsh pasties. Think Pop-tarts for miners, but with beef, potato & onions inside.
creamtea August 8, 2018
Oh! Oh! me first!!

Chock full-o' Nuts famous sandwich (Cinnamon raisin bread, cream cheese, walnuts); Toasted (or not) grain or raisin bread spread with cream cheese and soft dried apricots; toasted grainy bread with a yummy spread (Trader Joe's sells a horseradish hummus that's great for sandwiches rather than as a dip) with lettuce, and sliced hard-boiled egg; everything (or plain) bagels with cream cheese (or butter) and smoked salmon; Trader Joe's eggplant and pepper dip as a spread on bread (possibly with cheddar); grape tomatoes with cucumber slices, cheese cubes and optional crackers; guacamole sandwiches with sliced hard-boiled egg; plain or Greek yogurt or farmer cheese (or a mix of the above) with cucumber slices, a little salt, optional fresh or dried herbs; hope more ideas come in, would be fun to see what people come up with!
Nancy W. August 8, 2018
Breakfast Cookies! You can make a big batch and keep them in the freezer. That way, you can sleep in too!
Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.
creamtea August 8, 2018
awww Nancy you beat me to it!
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