What are your favorite Essential summer recipes?

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • June 30, 2012


threefresheggs July 1, 2012
Yeah, in January in Minnesota.
threefresheggs July 1, 2012
I like it too, really I do! But not while I am melting. Tthis is serious business here. Roasting! In August! In New York!

I can't take the heat, much to my mother's dismay, I have never cooked in a professional kitchen.
Benny July 1, 2012
One of lifes great pleasures is opening the double doors of a heat blasting commercial convection oven in a kitchen that is already over 100 F ;)
threefresheggs July 1, 2012
This is a thorough pain in the @#$, what with all the dicing and slicing and toasting and roasting (in eggplant season!) and chiffonade-ing and quartering and so-on and so-forth, but this is my summer crack.


...if you make it just for you, you can eat it everyday for a week.
Benny July 1, 2012
I personally find all the dicing and slicing and toasting and roasting and chiffonade-ing and quartering and so-on and so-forth" some what therapeutic. And my Wife likes that about me :) I'll give this recipe a whirl, thanks for the link!
Benny July 1, 2012
grilled home made sausage, grilled burgers, grilled corn on the cob, grilled everything.

I make a killer sangria and over-pack it with fruit. I take the left over, booze soaked, fruits and make a great sorbet.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 30, 2012
BLT's and having fun with hamburgers. Tomato everything.
petitbleu June 30, 2012
Grilled corn salad with tomatoes and basil.
pierino June 30, 2012
Paella cooked outside on the grill.
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