Julia Child's 100th birthday next month,

What would be your dinner party menu to celebrate her 100th birthday?



Pegeen July 2, 2012
Yes - Brandade de Morue on toasts as one of the appetizers. What a great dish.
ChefJune July 2, 2012
Oh, and scallops with brandade de Morue. Julia LOVED that!
ChefJune July 2, 2012
We'll be celebrating the weekend beforehand, probably with roast chicken. Boeuf Bourguignon would actually be my choice, but not mid-August!
BoulderGalinTokyo July 2, 2012
I think lorigoldsby's question deserves some pondering. While I can see that petitbleu has given a great answer, it is very irritating to see it has been Voted Best Answer before many of us have even seen the question. Only posted 16 hours ago.
MTMitchell July 1, 2012
My husband gave me a first edition of Mastering the Art of French Cooking as a wedding present. Tonight we made the basic moules recipe for my dad and we toasted Julia so I'd call that our nod to her birthday. Not the fanciest or most complicated recipe of Julia's but it made us all happy tonight and I think she'd appreciate that.
Sam1148 July 1, 2012
French onion soup. Although it's a bit hot for that now and it's really more a main course for me.

How about onion tart. Pissaladière as an appetizer.
Stagething July 1, 2012
Although Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon got Mastering the Art of French Cooking published, my go-to mains from her are her fantastic souffles. They are dramatic enough to celebrate a milestone birthday, but deceptively simple through her thorough instructions. And I agree, the menu should definitely finish with the Reine de Saba cake. And as Julia would often say on her early shows, pair it with a dry Reisling or Rose. Cheers, Julia!

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petitbleu July 1, 2012
Bouillabaisse, crusty French bread, and the marvelous Reine de Saba cake. All other food personalities pale in comparison to dear Julia. My hero!
susan G. July 1, 2012
Back to the books for this one! I know it would have to include the garlic mashed potatoes. We watched the original TV series, my mother got the first Mastering volume, and knocked dinner guests out of their comfort zones with that one, including my new in-laws!
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